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Hier gibts heissen Stuff für deinen MP3-Player! Alle Mixes sind gratis und von bester Qualität.

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Title: Lazy Sunday Soul and R&B Mix
Artist: DJ TykeOne
Style: Soul, R&B, Original samples
Lenght: 60.07 min
Release: 2014
Slow tempo music for your lazy sunday!

Title: Get Lucky Or Die Trying
Artist: DJ TykeOne
Style: Funkybreaks, Disco, House
Lenght: 64.47 min
Release: 2014
It's gonna be a dope summer ;-)

Title: The Classics
Artist: DJ TykeOne
Style: HipHop Party Classics
Lenght: 74.58 min
Release: 2013
My favourite Classics from the 80s and 90s in a wonderful mix!

Title: Plastic Mix Vol.2
Artist: DJ TykeOne
Style: Nu Disco, Electro Pop, Indie Dance
Lenght: 68.32 min
Release: 2013
A-Trak, Breakbot, Lifelike, Phonat, Super Mal, Worship ect.

Title: Elektrohouse Diskomix
Artist: DJ TykeOne
Style: Electrohouse
Lenght: 63.39 min
Release: 2012
Deadmau5, Tocadisco, Eric Prydz, Skrillex, Deniz Koyu ect.

Title: Reggae Vol.2
Artist: Selecta TykeOne
Style: Reggae
Lenght: 62.34 min
Release: 2011
Finest herb in ya ear!

Title: How Sweet It Is
Artist: DJ TykeOne
Style: Soul, Disco, Grooves
Lenght: 62.07 min
Release: 2010
Something nice to chill...

Title: Plastic Mix
Artist: DJ TykeOne
Style: Electro Pop, Nu Disco, Indie Dance
Lenght: 60.16 min
Release: 2010
TykeOne goes Electro!

Title: The Funkbuster
Artist: DJ TykeOne
Style: Funk
Lenght: 62.41 min
Release: 2009
Some old and new funk 'n' soul from the Phunkmaster!

Title: Disco Dancer Vol.2
Artist: DJ TykeOne aka Disco Stu
Style: Pure 80s & 70s Disco Hits
Lenght: 62.23 min
Release: 2009
Discofever part two!

Title: Sex In The City
Artist: DJ TykeOne
Style: RnB Bangers
Lenght: 75.27 min
Release: 2008
Tyke's first RnB-Mix. Very nice, check it out!

Title: Disco Dancer Vol.1
Artist: DJ TykeOne aka Disco Stu
Style: Pure 70s & 80s Discofunk Hits
Lenght: 79.22 min
Release: 2006
Just legendary! Brings back the discofever.

Title: Hot In Here
Artist: Selecta TykeOne
Style: Dancehall
Lenght: 79.12 min
Release: 2005
Pumpaction gona pump up their pumpum. Pawpaw...

Title: Reggae Vol.1
Artist: Selecta TykeOne
Style: Reggae
Lenght: 72.57 min
Release: 2004
Before I knew I was in Jamaica...

Title: Devil Made Me Dance
Artist: DJ TykeOne
Style: B-Boy-Beats, Electrofunk, OldSkool
Lenght: 75.34 min
Release: 2004
Breakdance music – fast and funky – not only for breaker!

Title: Agressor
Artist: Selecta TykeOne & Selecta Mista (Real Rock Sound)
Style: Dancehall, Reggae
Lenght: 87.51 min
Release: 2001
The very first Dancehall/Reggae-Mixtape from Schaffhausen!

Title: Classics-Mix (from the «No place to breathe»-Mixtape)
Artist: DJ TykeOne
Style: HipHop Classics
Lenght: 12.38 min
Release: 2001
Excellent Classics-Mix!

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